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Our Guiding Philosophy

Salmon Capital Holdings, Ltd (SCHL) is a family investment firm, established in the Campbell River Area, BC, that is funding, mentoring and advising start up companies focused on innovative technology-based solutions aligned with traditional industries and market sectors, primarily in smaller communities.


Investment Interests


Renewable Energy/Clean Tech                      Affordable Housing

Sustainable Resource Management              Aquaculture/Salmonid Restoration

AI/ML applied to relevant verticals                  Forestry/Land Use

Healthcare/Emergency Preparedness            Food Provisioning & Security

Edge/IOT SaaS and Devices                          Cybersecurity



Transforming smaller communities in British Columbia through investments in local innovation.


Identify, qualify and fund startups leveraging innovative technology to solve complex local industry problems


Guide, advise and mentor management groups to operational efficiency, sustainable growth and profitability


Achieve better than average ROI by investing in community enhancing ideas, products and solutions

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